Lacey, here!  I am the owner and designer of Wild Lace Beadwork, located in the Nebraska Panhandle, six miles from the South Dakota border. 

This business has been a work-in-progress for many years.  As a young girl, my mother taught me how to sew fabric.  Growing up on a ranch, I thought sewing was pure drudgery and poor Mom had quite a struggle getting me to sit long enough to learn.  Little did I realize, the time would come when I would sew practically every day!


Fast-forward a few years to college graduation.  Determined to become a leather worker, I used my graduation gift money to invest in leather and some tools.  My first project was a set of spur straps.  I proudly showed them to my friend and mentor, who gravely examined them and said, "Keep practicing, Lacey.  Keep practicing."  Well, practice, I did!  


Here I am today, working with leather  and creating new bags on a daily basis! Beadwork has definitely become  my specialty.  I rarely use pattern graphing software.  I believe the best designs come from the heart and I love designing patterns directly on the loom.


This business has evolved through the years! My Mom and I now work together in our leather shop. While we used to take custom orders for beaded belts and personalized purses....we now focus on creating one of a kind bags to sell on our website! My advice to you.... if you see a bag you love...grab it!! It won't last long!